Our Approach

We believe bone quality assessment will inform physician decision making, resulting in better patient management and ultimately helping prevent fragility fractures.

Ongoing Research

Quantifying bone material quality in the clinic is a new concept with great potential. Thousands of subjects have participated in peer-reviewed clinical studies. New discoveries about how this technology can impact patient care and treatment are being made every day.

How does it work?

OsteoProbe is an impact microindenter that is based on Reference Point Indentation technology. It uses a single-use tip to penetrate outer tissue and challenge the cortical bone matrix with an impact. The depth the tip indents the cortical bone is measured and a Bone Score is calculated.

Meet the people using OsteoProbe

We work with many scientists and physicians around the world to discover new ways of using OsteoProbe to help patients.


Sundeep Khosla, M.D.

Dr. Khosla focuses on the mechanisms of age-related bone loss, sex steroid regulation of bone metabolism and the detrimental effects of diabetes mellitus on bone. He was the first investigator to publish a clinical study with OsteoProbe.


Adolfo Díez-Pérez, M.D.

Dr. Díez-Pérez is a world-renowned, accomplished expert in bone quality and osteoporosis and Head Emeritus of Internal Medicine at the Hospital del Mar (Barcelona, Spain). He was a pioneer in the use of BioDent and OsteoProbe for clinical research.

Mary Bouxsein, PhD

Dr. Bouxsein's research focuses on understanding skeletal fragility from a biomechanics viewpoint. Her research includes studies using animal models and human cadaveric tissue, as well as clinical investigations. She was an early user of both BioDent and OsteoProbe in her research.